Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage

Tsuboki LogoWith Japanese face massage we improve the appearance of the face by working both the surface and deep musculature, as well as the skin. Also by working on 8 of the 14 main meridians in the body, we are balancing the health of the whole person. Where there is an imbalance of Ki, it appears in the face, so if we help the energy to become more balanced and flowing, the face will naturally become more radiant.

Tsuboki Face MassagePlease note that the meridian massage is not suitable for women who are pregnant and face massage is not suitable for anyone who has had recent Botox or similar procedures.

  • working superficially, we can improve skin-tone and lymph-flow.
  • working at the deeper muscular level, we can affect muscle-tone and general appearance
  • working with the facial meridians, we can affect the balance of health in the whole body – as well as the specific flow of Ki in the face.

Many of the techniques can help to prevent lines, wrinkles and puffiness – a natural facelift!

  • Massage to the neck to improve circulation to the face
  • A detailed face massage which affects the skin as well as the deep and superficial muscles of the face
  • Working on the meridians and thereby balancing energy and improving health throughout the body (includes more than 50 acupressure points)
  • Lymphatic drainage to encourage the elimination of toxins

Look and feel wonderful with a natural facelift

The Japanese believe that to be beautiful you have to be healthy too, and that beauty is far more than skin deep. Tsuboki uses the ancient form of anma and acupressure massage on the superficial and deeper muscles of the face, which not only affects the muscle tone but the appearance of the skin, making your face glow with health and vitality!

Face MassageTsuboki also works along the meridian pathways that run from the face and throughout the body. Working specific acupressure points along these meridians helps to restore balance to the whole body. Tsuboki also works on the lymphatic system to encourage the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the tissues of the skin. All of the techniques used in Tsuboki help to prevent lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and improve the appearance of the skin, no wonder it’s considered a natural facelift!


Tsuboki massage comprises of Four specific stages:

Stage One: massage to the neck and shoulders to increase circulation to the face and reduce tension in these areas.

Stage Two: a detailed and relaxing facial massage using camellia oil as traditionally used in Japan.

Stage Three: stimulation of more than 50 tsubo points along 8 meridian pathways.

Stage Four: lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.

What is Tsuboki?

Tsuboki is a modern therapy based on meridian theory, which can be traced back thousands of years to Japan and China.

Tsubo = (acupressure point) – this is a place along a meridian or energy pathway where the energy can be most influenced, affecting the systems of the body on many levels.

Ki = The energy that flows through the meridians.

Tsuboki = Massage using the Tsubo’s or acupressure points to influence the flow of Ki or energy in the body.

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