Therapeutic Treatments

Hydrotherm Massage
Hydrotherm Body Massage- (1 hour 15 mins) £46.50

Lying on two warm water cushions you remain face up throughout the treatment, your whole body is supported in perfect spinal alignment to receive a full hands on oiled body massage. The gentle heat of the water helps to soothe painful area’s with the sensation of floating and the feeling of warmth promotes the greatest possible feeling of relaxation.


Thai style Massage Web PictureThai Compress Massage – (1 hour 15 mins) £46.50

Using Priadara Compresses packed with 20 natural herb and plants, this massage is the ultimate in well-being. Great for producing fantastic results in stimulating the circulation and muscles whilst eliminating toxins. The compresses are applied warm, the powerful aromas are the best tonics for the body and uplifting to the mind for elevating stress.

Indian Head Massage – (45mins) £29.50Indian Head Massage Picture4

This treatment offers a whole new concept to relaxation, it can help to relieve eye strain and headaches, improves concentration, relieve stress and muscular tension.



Therapeutic Massage



Full body Massage – (1 hour)



Legs & Back Massage – (45 mins)



Back & Neck Massage -(30 mins)



Legs & Feet Massage – (30 mins)



Face & Neck & Scalp – (30 mins)


Body Treatments include, exfoliation, Sea Mud Mask and Massage

Full body (1 hour- 15 mins) £46.00
Back Treatments with leg Massage (50 mins) £35.00
Back Treatment only (30mins) £26.00

mud mask

SeasourceThe sea offers a genuine wealth of nutrituve and beauty benefits essential to life. It offers an assortment of beneficial elements perfectly bio-compatible with the skin, to help protect and stimulate.

Seawater and sea plant life work synergistically to transport nutrient elements to cells and remove waste elements from cells, helping to cleanse, purify and withdraw toxins from the body. Its soothing benefits offer a relaxing retreat for the mind and body.

Key Ingredients: Botanical Sea extract complex of spirulina, sea kelp, bladder wrack and sea fennel, Atoligomer, sea salt, natural plant oils of sunflower, safflower, jojoba, Vitamin E and F, ginger root extract, rosemary leaf, hazel seed.