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Callus Heel Peel

Callus Peel – Hard Skin Treatment
Don’t dream. Just peel!

Callus – Hard skin is removed just like orange peel. In only 15 minutes, you can see the difference!

This 15-minute four step system includes a skin softening patch that is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin, a special device scraper to peel off the dead skin callus, followed by the third step to polish the remaining keratin. The treatment is completed by applying moisturising cream.

See the treatment for yourself on You tube. Just click on the link below:

The Treatment

Callus peel picture 1The Softening

A softening patch is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin




Callus Peel Picture 2

The Callus Removal

A special device scraper to peel off the dead skin callus.





Callus Peel Picture 3The Polishing

A foot file is used to remove the remaining dead skin and to smooth it





Callus Peel Picture 4The Moisturising

The treatment is completed by applying moisturising cream.




For a single treatment, heels or soles £18.00

Heels and soles £25.00

Pre-pay for a course of three treatments spread over a 6 week period (every two weeks) and save money. Three treatments (heels or soles only) £45.90 – saving £8.10

3 treatments (heels and soles) £63.75 – saving £11.25

This treatment can be included with any of the SpaRitual Pedicures for an additional £10.00 (single treatment – Heel or Sole)

Note: It may take more than one treatment depending on the condition of the area to be treated.

How long does the treatment take?
It takes only 15 minutes - 10 for the patching and 5 for minutes for the treatment.
How often do people use Callus Peel? How about the regular treatment cycle?
We recommend applying Callus Peel treatment in every two weeks. However, the cycle might be changeable depending on the calluses condition.
Is it safe?
Yes it is certainly is. Callus Peel use cosmetic ingredients only, furthermore almost natural products. The scraper is made from plastic for scraping of calluses.
Is it hygienic?
Yes, it is hygienic due to the following reasons. Individual package of the Callus Peel Skin Soft, Sterlisation possible the Callus Peel Scraper, disposable the Callus Peel File.
What are in the ingredients?
Water, Glycerin, Nonoxynol--12, Carbomer, Ethenol, Sodium Hydroxide, Tataric Acid, Pyroglatamic Acid, Ethoxy Diglycol.
Does it hurt?
No it doesn't hurt at all on the contrary it feels like you are receiving a reflexology treatment.
Why do we get calluses?
As we age the biological function keeping our skin moist decreases and the skin dries out. As the skin dries out calluses form on the heel where pressure has hardened the skin.